Monday, October 17, 2011

Owl Themed Baby Shower

Owl themed baby shower for my husband's cousin, she loves bright colors, so I went a little "neon" instead of the traditional pastels.
The owl cake...I'm pretty darn proud of that little owl...complete with eyelashes if you look closely.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Horse Cake

I very rarely say this... this is my favorite cake I've done so far. The horse is actually a replica of one of the horses in the barn (Klair's horse...Carlos). I'm absolutely thrilled with how this cake turned out!

Thomas the Train

After several failed gumpaste Thomas the Train attempts...I finally settled on buying a toy...sigh... My version of Thomas made him look MAD! At least the cookies turned out...of course my husband ate 1/2 of the first batch...LOL... sigh.... at least I had frozen cookie dough so I could whip up a batch quickly!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Horse Show Cookies

Cookies I made for a pitch in at a horse show. We've got horse heads, hat, barn, hay, ribbon, trophy, show saddle pad, boots and a snaffle bit.

Horse and Girl Birthday Cake

Horse and Girl gumpaste characters, with paisley on the side.

Life is like a chair of bowlies....

or in this case a Mary Engelbrightish teapot for my mother in law. Another use for my Wonder pan (not just for Barbies anymore!). Gumpaste handle, spout and checkerboard stripe at the bottom...everything else is buttercream!

What can Brown do for you?

Super busy week and I needed a quick UPS truck cake for my brother in law. This is actually a sheet cake, I cut out the hood and used a cookie cutter with the leftovers to cut out the wheels and glue them together with buttercream. I just did a quick star tip frosting, and used gumpaste for the window.
My brother in law... he took a photo of the cake and sent it to his boss! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rose Cupcakes

These are a spin off of my cupcake bouquets. I decided how much cuter could these be with sugar cookie leaves and butterflies. I made these for a 10 y.o. birthday...white cake, crusting cream cheese frosting. She'll love them!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Sock Bouquet...ok so not cake or cookies, but still SWEET

I made this baby sock bouquet for another love of mine...stamping... I think it came out sweet...

Cupcake Bouquet

Talk about a quick and easy project...and well received!

Bridal Shower Cookies

These were so much fun to make!

Retirement Cake

Retirement cake for a P.E. teacher...thank goodness for cookie cutters!

Sponge Bob Square Pants

My first attempt at a character cake...cake out kind of cute I think..although I studied and studied Sponge Bob photos... the recipient LOVED it...but of course he was turning 3!

Summer Fun

Seriously, these were done for ME! I had all these ideas swimming around in my head and some new cutters that needed some serious use... The clouds are a flower cutter squeezed together, the Beach Umbrella is just an Umbrella, but I cut the handle off... and I love the yellow polka dot bikini!

Kitty Cookies

Kitty Cookies for a birthday...these were so fun to do...I wish I would have added a milk bottle though... next time!

Tomato Cookies

These were made for a Tomato farmers cake...

Thanksgiving Cake

One of my first cakes...this was actually inspired by a rubber stamp (Papertrey Ink for those that are curious) and it's also the first time I worked with chocolate... I think it came out kind of cute...and was seriously easy!

My First cake out of class

So I have a client that wanted a cake...from a large horse show... so I decided to use her showmanship outfit as inspiration...

3 hours of stars later...and here we go...not bad for a first timer!

Tiger Mascot Cake

My BFF's son is on a baseball league and they are the tigers...she asked me if I would make the mascot for his here he is!

Roses Cake

My MIL is a when I made this rose's cake she loved it! I will say there is at LEAST 2" of icing on it...but it went so quick and easy! Chocolate cake with raspberry filling...

Martini Glasses

I have friends that have a stallion named "Crashed the Party" and his logo is the martini glass with olive...I took these to an open house they had... unfortunately EVERY SINGLE STEM was broken when I got there... I have learned since to take my cookies in a pizza box and THEN put them on a plate... anway... lesson learned

Mother's Day Cake

My MIL hosted a Mother's Day luncheon for all the mom's and grandma's...and this is the cake I first 2 tiered cake... and my first time with daisies. Lemon cake and Orange cake with Cream Cheese filling.

Purse Cake

My BFF is a little bit of a purse addict and I had been wanting to make one of these anyway (got the instructions from the Planet Cake Book)...anyway, I had fun with it!

Graduation Cookies

I had my first graduation order... they wanted school colors AND girly stuff...for their "princess". I had a fun time with her name...all those LOOPS... They wanted pink, girly and sparkly... I decided to add a mini crown on her initial...I really like how it came out!
Her school colors were orange and black and they are the Apaches. Their indian looked mad, so I tried to portray that...he is a royal icing transfer...I made about 24 of them... and it was my first attempt at a transfer to a cookie...I don't think it came out too bad!

Cowboy Retirement Cake

My husband's aunt was retiring from being a school teacher and wanted to celebrate with some of her trail riding I went for a western theme... the rocks are chocolate (taste like M & M's) and I got them at Wal-Mart of all places! The hat is gum paste covering a rice crispy treat.

Barbie Cake

This is my first attempt at a Barbie Cake... used the Wilton Wonder Mold Pan and an extra 9" layer to get the heighth so my barbie would fit just right. Had a little problem with my Marshmallow fondant and ended up with a big crack at the back of her dress...covered it in roses...I think it's my favorite part of the dress...happy accident!

Barbie Cookies

These are the cookies that went with the Barbie cake...such fun...I just love Luster Dust!

Watermelon Cookies

Totally inspired by another blogger...and I'm forgetting who... and these ended up not being eaten...I had left over dough and left over icing and was in an experimental mood...

Easter Lamb Cake and Cookies

Love Wilton's Lamb Pan... this little lamb was soooo easy to decorate... although my arm was killing me after piping cream cheese stars for.ever! I did make sure I did a crumbcoat on the lamb helped the stars to stick.

Birthday Cake - Sweet 16 in Zebra

One of my clients wanted a Sweet 16 girly cake in Zebra...this was a fun one too make...the shoes were my favorite part!

Colts - Football

My farrier requested a Colts Football cake for his the matching cookies. I was a little nervous about the horse's heads on the cookies, but am pleased with how they turned out. This cake is my first attempt at anything 3-D...the helmet was originally cake, but was too heavy and kept falling off the back of the cake... it ended up being made of rice crispy treats...